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Freedom of Information


Email: dg.feedback2@nhs.scot

Or by post to:
FOI/EIR Officer,
Chief Executive’s Office,
Ground Floor North,
Mountainhall Treatment Centre,

Enquiries or advice:
Telephone: 01387 272752 

Freedom of Information Policy

Current COVID-19 Situation

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 there may be a delay in replying to any requests and enquiries received by the Service. 

The collation of information requires the response from many members of staff within NHS Dumfries and Galloway. We will always aim to action all requests received within the 20 working day timescales, however, the priority at the current time has to be managing the outbreak and supporting frontline operations and staff.  Please be assured that we will respond to all requests and enquiries when we can. We ask for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented situation.

Can we please encourage the use of email as the main communication method. The restrictions we are currently operating under may mean that any letters received by the post may lead to a delay.

If you would like to access your medical or health records, you can do this by contacting – dg.dpa-office@nhs.scot  

Please do not send multiple emails if you do not receive a reply in a timely fashion as this will create repetition and increase the workload on our teams.

Thank you once again for your patience and your support

The Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 allows anyone to request information from a public authority, such as NHS Dumfries and Galloway. The Act promotes general access to information by recognising that the public have a right to understand how public authorities are organised, what services they provide, and the reasons behind their business decisions.

The Act encourages us to be open and accountable and to organise information so that it is easily accessible to anyone who requests it.

The Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004 also allows access to environmental information held by NHS Dumfries and Galloway. You can submit a request for environmental information through the same process as an FOI request.

We must provide the information you request within 20 working days unless that information is exempt under the Act. In some situations, information may be withheld from the public. This will include information that is about to be published, personal information covered by the Data Protection Act, or information that is not in the public interest to be made generally available.

If we decide to withhold information, we will give reasons for our decision. If you are dissatisfied with our response you can ask us to review it, and if you are still dissatisfied you can appeal to the Scottish Information Commissioner, who is responsible for enforcing the Act.

For more information about your rights visit www.itspublicknowledge.info  

  • A valid request for information should be made in a recorded format e.g. in a letter, email or audio file 
  • include your full name and address (or email address) so we can respond 
  • be as specific as you can when describing the information you want.

If your enquiry is to do with your GP/Dentist/Optician or information that you think they might hold, please contact them directly.

Before making a request please check if the information is already published on our website. The type of information we publish can be found in our Model Publication Scheme.

Link Sumary
21-001 COVID-19 Vaccinations
21-002 Overtime
21-003 COVID Deaths/beds
21-004 Mental Health GP referrals
21-005 Treatment Policy
21-006 It Systems
21-007 Inpatient eating disorders
21-008 Health Visiting Staff
21-009 Fabry/Gaucher/Hunter syndrome
21-010 Do Not Resuscitate form data
21-011 Corinavirus transfers from NHS England
21-012 Eating Disorders
21-013 Vaccine Centres
21-014 Bed Occupancy figures
21-015 Bed Capacity for COVID patients
21-016 COVID Vaccines given to public and Health and Social Care staff
21-017 Intruders in hospitals and other healthcare settings
21-018 COVID related deaths in hospitals
21-019 Treatments with Bevacizumab
21-020 Staff refusing COVID Vaccine
21-021 COVID only deaths
21-022 COVID Staff sickness
21-023 Payroll Software Procurement
21-024 Rheumatology Treatments
21-025 Rota software
21-026 Domestic Abuse Staffing and incidents
21-027 Mental Health Beds
21-028 Staff deployed as vaccinators
21-029 Over 80s refusing vaccine
21-030 BAME A&E Doctors
21-031 Payment software
21-032 Vaccine Centres
21-033 Vaccines thrown away
21-034 Neurology Treatments
21-035 Cancer patients and timescales
21-036 Covid Vaccine identified groups
21-037 Inpatient eating disorders
21-038 PCR cycle threshold
21-039  COVID only deaths and evidence of effectiveness of measures
21-040 COVID Deaths
21-041 GP Practice closures
21-042 Down syndrome diagnostic communication
21-043 Bowel cancer screening
21-044 Translation and interpreting costs
21-045 Mail providers
21-046 Breast cancer treatments
21-047 New build or refurbish
21-048 Fair Work practices
21-049 Glucose meters
21-050 COVID patient admission vs non-COVID admissions
21-051 Dermatology/Gastroenterology treatments
21-052 Epilepsy staffing and waits
21-053 Urothelial cancer treaments
21-054 Self harm admissions
21-055 Non evasive ventilation
21-056 Wasted Vaccines and total number in receipt of vaccine
21-057 Treatments and asthma
21-058 Rostering for Community Health Workers
21-059 HB managed GP practice vacancies
21-060 Eating Disorder referrals
21-061 Maternity COVID
21-062 Anti-Vegf treatments
21-063 Disposal of dangerous materials
21-064 Covid only deaths
21-065 Dialysis equipment
21-066 MS treatments
21-067 Status of doctor within NHS Dumfries and Galloway
21-068 Telecoms infrastructure
21-069 Repeat Prescriptions
21-070 Births recorded as born before arrival between 2015 – 2020
21-071 Cancer treatments
21-072 Storage of personal information
21-073 Procedures regarding high blood pressure patients requiring anaesthesia
21-074 Antidepressant prescriptions – Withdrawn
21-075 Legal contact
21-076 Private prescriptions
21-077 Spend in independent hospital/Surgeries
21-078 Cancer delays
21-079 Adult allergy Service
21-080 Covid Vaccine enquiries/carried out and cancelled/missed