NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Guidance for joining the Performers List for our region

Whether you are new to the UK, new to working in  Scotland or are transferring from another region of Scotland, on behalf of the practices and the NHS Health boards performers team, we  would like to thank you for choosing to work with us and welcome to our community.

New to Scotland

Each region has their own performer’s team that sits within one of the 14 territorial Boards. If you are new to working in Scotland and choose Dumfries and Galloway as your base, you will register your interest with the performer’s team who will send you an application to register.

The registration process involves the following Pre-employment checks:

  • Right to work check
  • References
  • GMC check
  • Counter Fraud Check
  • PVG Check (Scotland’s version of DBS)
  • Occupational Health check

When you are listed on Performers List for Dumfries and Galloway you will receive formal notification and can therefore practice within the region or other areas of Scotland.

Working elsewhere in Scotland but new to D&G

If a GP wishes Dumfries and Galloway to be the Host Board:

You can download the Change of Status Application form below by clicking the ‘New to our Region’ button. This should be completed and sent to the Performer’s Team using the contact details listed below.

The following checks will still need to be completed:

  • PVG Update
  • Clinical References
  • GMC Checks
  • Counter Fraud Check

Ready to register, click below to download the correct application form...


If I am registered on the performers list in England will this suffice? Unfortunately not. Scotland has it’s own Performers List and teams.

Will it cost me anything to register? No. Registration is free.

Will it take long to register? No. Each performers team are dealing with smaller numbers of registrations so they can give you a more efficient and personal experience.

When should I register? As soon as you know you want to work in Scotland. Any offer of a job will be subject to you gaining registration on the list.

If transferring from another Health Board in Scotland do I need to complete a new PVG? Yes, unfortunately you will, we realise this is an additional cost however should anything happen the responsibility sits with us.  

D&G Performers Team Contact Details

D&G Performers Team
Mountainhall Treatment Centre
Bankend Rd

Phone: 01387 244284

Email: dg.pcd@nhs.scot