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Women, Children and Sexual Health Division

There are so many great reasons to come and work for us, and on this page, you will find out more about some of the individual specialist teams across NHS Dumfries & Galloway.  Each division within our Health Board has a dedicated Manager which allows for excellent lines of communication for our different teams.

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Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services

The Dumfries services are all co-located in The Willows,  Stranraer services are located in the Oak Tree Family Centre. Locality services are provided in a range of locations including local health centres and schools. The CAMHS service also have close working relationships with General Practitioners, Health Visitors, School Nurses, Public Health and our partner agencies which enable the provision of services that are responsive to the needs of the population.

We have a ISSU 18 team with specialist skills in working with children and young people affected by alcohol and substance misuse.

Neurodevelopmental assessment and diagnostic service is a team we have dedicated to providing a comprehensive assessment and diagnostic service to children up to the age of 18 with possible difficulties which includes Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Foetal Alcohol Spectrum, Intellectual Disability and Tic Disorders.

There are good working relationships with the Community Adult Mental Health Teams, the life span Learning Disability Team and the Child and Adolescent Psychology service which are all clinically governed within the mental health directorate.

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In just minutes from The Willows you can take a break in our lovely surroundings


Working as a midwife in Dumfries and Galloway can be a really rewarding experience.The maternity service has approximately 1200 births each year and offers hospital and home births. The service is small enough to support the feeling of a close and friendly team where everyone knows each other but large enough to provide a diversity of roles and challenges.

The consultant unit is located in Dumfries and functions as a shared facility with midwifery led care supported within the unit with referral to obstetric colleagues for more complex cases. The staff take a quality improvement methodology to implement change.

We enjoy working as midwives in Dumfries and galloway because we work in a small friendly team and feel confident that women and their families receive great care in a lovely environment
Senior Charge Midwife

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Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Based at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary, the Obstetrics and Gynaecology team has access to state of the art theatres, inpatient wards (all single occupancy rooms) and outpatient clinics with colposcopy and outpatient operative hysteroscopy suites.  

We have a working arrangement with NHS Ayrshire & Arran to provide urogynaecology services, and provide specialist womens’ health physiotherapy, urodynamic assessment and community-led continence support clinics. Our specialist vulval clinic is supported by pyschosexual services in Sexual Health and by the West of Scotland Vulval MDT. 

Within the team, a gynaecology-oncology clinical nurse specialist supports women with a diagnosis of gynaecological cancer through our gynaecology-oncology clinic, with care and treatment directed through the South East Gynaecology Cancer MDT. 
We provide local fertility assessment, including andrology, and link with the West of Scotland Assisted Conception Service at Glasgow Royal Infirmary. We provide specialist, high-risk obstetric antenatal care including combined obstetric-endocrine and perinatal mental health clinics. Our WINGS team supports vulnerable women in the community who require additional community midwifery support. Our labour suite is supported by a Level 1 neonatal unit. 
We undertake postgraduate teaching which is supported by the Health Board’s Education Centre, this includes access to a state-of-the-art training facility and high fidelity simulation suites. We received commendation in 2019 from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists who identified us as one of the top ten training hospitals in the UK.

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Paediatrics and Child Health

Our Paediatrics and Child Health services are spilt into 3 areas: 

  • Acute Paediatrics – Children’s ward at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary 
  • Neonatology – Neonatal Unit at Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary 
  • Community  Paediatrics – Based at The Willows 

We are an integrated service across all three areas. 

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Sexual Health

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Our Sexual Health service is open access and offers the following services: 

  • All methods of contraception
  • Male Sterilisation (vasectomy)
  • Pregnancy testing and termination referrals
  • Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for HIV and Hepatitis B following high risk sexual exposure including sexual assault
  • Pre exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV
  • Hepatitis B and HPV Immunisation
  • Psychosexual Counselling
  • STI  testing and treatment

Clinics run at different sites over the region. Our main clinics run from Nithbank in Dumfries and Outpatient department at The Galloway Community hospital in Stranraer. We also run Drop in Youth clinics and other outreach clinics across the region. 

The service is supported by various professionals including Consultant, Associate Specialist and Specialty Doctors, Specialist Nurses, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and supportive Administrative staff. The service has great relationships and links with our general practitioners who also provide support for the service.

The team have their own public website which you can view by clicking here 

Key Features

Hear from the team

‘I love working in Sexual Health as every day is different and we meet people from all walks of life. I enjoy working in Sexual Health as we are a close small team. I feel supported in my role as a nurse prescriber. Working in Sexual Health I have had many training opportunities and feel involved in developing the service.’
Sexual Health Nurse

‘I enjoy working in Sexual Health D&G mainly because of the great team spirit, everyone’s opinion matters. It is also clear that the patient’s needs are prioritised by all staff which should be the common goal in any NHS setting.’
Team Administrator

‘Sexual Health is an intensely rewarding job where you are able to work alongside colleagues who value open mindedness, excellent communication skills, and an ability to empathise with clients from all walks of life. It is truly a holistic specialty with the focus on wellbeing rather than ill health.’
Sexual Health Doctor