NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Booster jags to tackle COVID get underway

COVID-19 booster vaccinations are underway in care homes across Dumfries and Galloway – and set to begin being provided to over 80s along with their flu jags.
The third vaccination against COVID provides the body’s own immune system with a reminder of what the coronavirus looks like. This leaves it primed to battle the virus if it encounters it for real.
Over 80s are now receiving letters inviting them to receive their flu jags. They will also likely be offered their COVID-19 booster vaccination at the same appointment, although due to the fast-changing situation this might not be stated in the initial letters.
Dr Nigel Calvert is Immunisation Co-ordinator, and he said: “I’m very pleased to say that since Monday we’ve been making speedy progress in providing third COVID vaccinations to care home residents and staff.
“Vaccinations are also now currently being provided to people with weakened immune systems.
“Letters have been going out inviting people over 80 to attend their flu vaccinations, and most are likely to be offered their third COVID jag at the same time.
“Some of these letters were received before the national vaccines helpline was quite ready to help reschedule appointments, but anyone needing to reschedule can now do this by calling 0800 030 8013 or by visiting the website www.nhsinform/scot/flu
“Meanwhile, we are readying a programme to offer the provision of vaccines for 12 to 15-year-olds within schools, in a similar way to the schools flu programme, delivering this over a two-week period beginning September 30.
“Details will shortly be going out to families on this, along with information with which to help make an informed decision. As with vaccinations for anything, at any age, this is something to be considered by individuals and their families.”
As a consequence of the very large amount of simultaneous vaccination activity now taking place and smaller numbers of people now presenting at the drop-in clinics, these are being limited over at least the next few weeks while the schools-based programme is readied and implemented.
Anyone seeking to take up the chance of a first COVID vaccination or to arrange a second if more than eight weeks from the first can continue to do so, with an ask to look to schedule these appointments in the first instance. This can be done by calling the local helpline on 01387 403090, or by emailing dg.covidenquiries@nhs.scot
For full information on vaccinations including upcoming drop-in clinics, please visit www.nhsdg.co.uk/vaccines/