NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Early start to drop-in booster clinic

A COVID-19 booster vaccination drop-in clinic in Dumfries today for anyone aged 18 plus who is now at least 12 weeks from their second dose will now open early, at 1.30 pm.
The drop-in runs at Mountainhall Treatment Centre on Bankend Road up until 8 pm this evening.
However, to avoid queuing, please take action now to book your booster at your chosen time by visiting https://vacs.nhs.scot/csp or phoning 0800 030 8013.
The local helpline can handle a limited number of enquiries for anyone experiencing problems with the national system – calling 01387 403090 or emailing dg.covidenequiries@nhs.scot
Please be prepared to queue this evening, dressing warmly for the conditions, and be aware that booster vaccinations will be provided as demand allows.