NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary lit up in blue for the NHS 75th anniversary

Marking 75 years of the NHS

NHS Dumfries and Galloway is joining other health boards and trusts across the country in celebrating 75 years of the National Health Service.

Mountainhall Treatment Centre was lit up in blue last night on the eve of the anniversary, and Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary will also be adopting a blue lighting hue this week as part of the celebrations.

Jeff Ace is Chief Executive of NHS Dumfries and Galloway, and he said: “We know that our NHS and social care services are still under pressure and remain extremely busy.

“The 75th anniversary, coming as it does in the midst of these challenges, provides a further opportunity for people to thank staff, ensure that staff across health and social care feel valued, and to drive some of the very positive stories of staff commitment.

“We are encouraging as many staff, patients, communities and organisations as possible to mark this anniversary.”

NHS Dumfries and Galloway Chairman Nick Morris said: “Today marks a significant milestone—the 75th anniversary of the NHS.

NHS Scotland 75th anniversary banner

“It is a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work and dedication of the staff and volunteers who have been instrumental in delivering care over the years.

“Throughout its history, the NHS has faced various challenges with resilience. On this occasion, we recognise the need for continuous improvement in providing accessible and efficient healthcare for all. It is essential to adapt to the evolving demands of the healthcare landscape while upholding our core mission.

“As we mark 75 years of service, we extend our gratitude to every individual who has contributed to the success and growth of the NHS. Their commitment and efforts have played a vital role in shaping the healthcare system we have today.

“We must reflect on our journey and embrace the opportunities ahead. The NHS is committed to addressing the challenges that lie in our path, ensuring we remain resilient and adaptive for the future. We strive for continuous innovation and improvement to meet the evolving needs of our patients and communities.

“The NHS’ 75th anniversary is a reminder of our responsibility to provide inclusive healthcare. We must work towards creating an equitable environment that addresses the diverse needs of our patients. Embracing inclusivity and diversity will strengthen our ability to deliver person-centred care.

“Our success is not just measured by the number of patients treated, but by the impact we have on the wellbeing of our communities. We recognise the importance of physical health, mental health, preventative care and health education. These areas are critical for promoting healthier lives and overall wellbeing.

“We cannot forget the debt of gratitude we owe to our public, who have consistently supported the values of the NHS and the aspiration for comprehensive services, free at the point of delivery. Funded by the taxes raised from the public to ensure equity of provision regardless of means we have an ongoing responsibility to use these funds wisely and efficiently for the benefit of all.

“On this historic day, we express our gratitude to everyone involved in the NHS story. Whatever role you play, or have played, within our 75-year-old institution, it is your collective contributions that have shaped the NHS into what it is today.

“Happy 75th anniversary, NHS.”

NHS DG chairman Nick Morris and chief executive Jeff Ace