NHS Dumfries & Galloway

NHS pays tribute to partner agencies for flooding response

Very grateful thanks are being expressed by NHS Dumfries and Galloway to partner organisations for their work during the recent heavy rain and flooding in the region.

Chief Executive Jeff Ace has noted the incredible response that was mounted, and cast a spotlight on one of the smaller agencies which played a key role during the terrible weather.

Mr Ace said: “A huge debt of gratitude is owed by NHS Dumfries and Galloway to the work carried out and responsibilities undertaken by our partner agencies during the recent very bad weather we experienced in the region.

“A large number of agencies worked together in response to this crisis, notably including the likes of Dumfries and Galloway Council and Police Scotland.

“Among these agencies, I’d like to particularly recognise the interaction the NHS Dumfries and Galloway had with Moffat Mountain Rescue Team, who mounted an amazing response to this danger.

“Agencies were dealing with a large number of incidents last week. However, to give an example of the role they played, I’m aware that Moffat Mountain Rescue were instrumental in helping to escort one of our nurses to the home of someone cut off by water who was rather urgently awaiting an injection.

“Thanks to Moffat Mountain Rescue’s efforts, our nurse made it safely to this person’s house, and they received their injection in good time.

“Events like the awful weather and flooding of last week are terrible when they occur, but they do serve to highlight how lucky we are as a region to have these organisations, and the incredible people who serve within them.

“Such events also demonstrate the fantastic working relationships which span all these organisations, as they join together to overcome challenges – making people’s welfare their absolute priority.

“In terms of going through an experience like this, and looking for expert agencies to help guide us through it, there’s nowhere I’d rather be than in Dumfries and Galloway.”