NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Quarter of region’s population receive first vaccination

A TOTAL of 37,647 first dose COVID-19 vaccinations have now been delivered in Dumfries and Galloway – representing a vaccination for around one in every four people.

Dumfries and Galloway is on course to have delivered a first vaccination to the majority of people aged 65 and over by this Sunday, along with those who are shielding, care home residents and the majority of front line health and social care staff.

Interim Director of Public Health Valerie White said: “Great progress has been made in the fast-moving COVID-19 vaccination programme, representing a first dose vaccination for around one in every four people within our region.

“But while this is good news, and means that many of those most vulnerable will now be developing some level of protection, it is vital that we don’t let our guard down at this crucial time.

“Vaccines do not guarantee full immunity. They provide a degree of protection, and can lessen the severity of the coronavirus and bring down rates of transmission, but they don’t necessarily mean that you can’t catch COVID-19.

“Everyone should also be aware that it can take up to 21 days for a degree of immunity to develop.

“And even if you are protected, you can still transmit COVID-19 to others – including those still waiting to be vaccinated.

“It is therefore essential that everyone continues to follow the rules just as diligently as they did before they were vaccinated – to protect themselves and others.

“This means following the FACTS guidance around wearing of face coverings, hand hygiene and maintaining a physical distance and not visiting other people in their homes. The advice remains very clear – Stay Home, Save Lives.”

The vaccination programme in Dumfries and Galloway is now moving on to cohorts 6 and 7 from February 15, which includes people aged 60 to 64.