NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Region records another modest drop in COVID cases

ANOTHER modest but welcome decline has been recorded in the number of COVID-19 cases in Dumfries and Galloway.

In the week ending Sunday October 10 there was a total of 463 new cases, down from 490 the week before. Numbers of identified close contacts of cases also decreased, from 935 to 863.

Director of Public Health Valerie White said: “The decline in cases over the past few weeks has been steady, but slow.

“It’s a move in the right direction, but we need to keep working to bring down the number of new infections as we head towards the winter months.

“We’re extremely grateful to everyone for their continuing work to limit spread, and would just ask everyone to remember the benefits of good hand hygiene, wearing face coverings in indoor public settings, considering social interactions, regular testing, and taking up the full vaccination opportunities.

“Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is key to helping prevent some of the worst effects of this virus. However, there is the additional risk faced this year by other respiratory viruses that were largely held at bay over the past 18 months, and so we’d encourage everyone eligible to make sure they also get their flu vaccination.”

“We’re making progress, thanks in large part to COVID vaccination, and many aspects of our lives have returned to something almost like normal. However, COVID-19 and the other respiratory viruses can threaten people’s health, and impact on local communities and businesses and on services like education and health and social care.

“Please do continue to work to prevent spread, and very importantly if you do begin to experience symptoms of COVID don’t assume that it is perhaps just a cold – please isolate and arrange a test for the benefit of your loved ones and the wider community.”

Symptoms of COVID-19 are:

A raised temperature

A new and continuous cough

Change to or loss of sense of taste and or smell

Regular asymptomatic testing for COVID provides assurance and helps to identify cases at the earliest opportunity.

Details on the full range of testing opportunities can be found by visiting the website www.nhsdg.co.uk/testing/

Full details on opportunities to be vaccinated can be found by visiting the website www.nhsdg.co.uk/vaccines/