NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Update on COVID-19 vaccination programme

QUICK progress is being made with the roll-out of COVID booster jags – already delivered to 74.6 per cent of people in the region aged 70 and above, which is above the national average.
This progress comes during the most complex stage in the biggest vaccination programme ever mounted within Dumfries and Galloway, thanks to the need to simultaneously provide flu jags, COVID boosters, first time COVID jags and second jags after at least eight weeks to a variety of different cohorts.
Details about the current status:
First dose vaccinations: Anyone eligible can still secure a first dose COVID-19 vaccination by calling the local helpline on 01387 403090 from 9am to 5pm Mon to Fri or emailing dg.covidenquiries@nhs.scot to arrange an appointment. Drop-in clinics are not running at present. First dose vaccinations have now been offered to everyone in the eligible groups, including the youngest group, 12 to 15 years olds, via a schools-based programme.
Second dose vaccinations: Anyone who is now at least eight weeks since their first dose vaccination can book their second by calling the local helpline on 01387 403090 from 9am to 5pm Mon to Fri or emailing dg.covidenquiries@nhs.scot to arrange an appointment. Drop-in clinics are not running at present.
Third dose vaccinations: These have been provided to people who have weakened immune systems, with details on appointments provided by letter.
Booster vaccinations: Booster jags are being provided to those identified as being eligible, at least six months following their second. In line with the prioritisation of groupings set out by the JCVI, these have now been offered to all residents and staff at care homes in the region, subject to any local restrictions due to COVID. Boosters are also being provided to health and social care workers, are being delivered from this week to the extremely vulnerable, and are currently being provided to people in their 70s, 80s and above. Booster vaccinations are planned for everyone aged over 50. Into November, everyone aged over 60 will receive a letter setting out their appointment date and location. Details on appointments for people aged 50 to 59 will be provided as we reach that cohort. Vaccinations for the housebound are being delivered by district nursing teams.
Immunisation Co-ordinator Dr Nigel Calvert said: “I would like to thank my colleagues in the vaccination team for the amazing efforts being made to provide booster jags to people as quickly as possible.
“Boosters have been offered to all care home residents and staff in the region, subject to any access issues due to COVID, District Nurses are working their way vaccinating those who hare housebound, and vaccinations have been taking place among staff working in health and social care – helping to protect people, staff and services.
“In the majority of instances, where people are eligible to receive both they will receive their flu vaccination at the same time as their COVID booster.
“Things are progressing quickly in a programme overseen by a multi-agency team, but please make no mistake about just how challenging this programme is, being delivered while health and social care systems generally are extremely stretched.
“We’re continuing to deal with challenges around ensuring we always have necessary levels of staffing, and sometimes in securing the ideal vaccination location due to competing demands as society continues to open up after lockdown.
“We have had questions in the last couple of weeks about vaccination venues, and sometimes the unavailability of a particular venue due to other demands will mean we have to adapt, and be flexible and strategic in our approach.
“This may mean having to ask people to work with us, to travel a little, but it’s all being done to try and provide people in Dumfries and Galloway with the highest possible degree of protection, as quickly and as accessibly as possible.
“Transport support is available where necessary, by phoning the local helpline on 01387 403090, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, or by emailing dg.covidenquiries@nhs.scot
“Our vaccination teams are giving everything they’ve got to this campaign, so please support that work.”