NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Wigtownshire Calls on New GPs to Work Live Play in West of Region

11 November 2020

NHS Dumfries and Galloway are set to shine the spotlight on GP practices in Wigtownshire this month with a specially created virtual recruitment event. The event will take place on the 21st of November and is an invitation to prospective GPs interested in finding out more about working in the west of the region.

The Workforce Sustainability and Primary Care Development teams have worked closely together, along with staff from GP practices in Wigtownshire, to put in place a virtual setting for interested individuals to find out all they need to know about becoming part of the teams at these practices, and the work-life balance that can come with that.

Vic McDade, Workforce Sustainability Manager for NHS Dumfries and Galloway said: “This has been a joy to plan and organise due to the collaborative nature of all GP practices involved from Wigtownshire. We have already had some interest and so we’re hopeful that this approach to recruiting collectively, for the benefit of patients and staff at these practices, will bring new GPs to the west of the region.

Charlie Dunnett, Lead GP for Galloway Hills Medical Group said: “Unlike in some larger more urban areas, we are fortunate to have a low turnover of staff at practices in the west of the region. This can be beneficial for a range of reasons, for example, continuity of care for patients, and good team development and support for staff. However, over the next year or two, we do have some vacancies, mainly due to retirement. I am delighted that the teams at these GP practices are so supportive of the event. They are ready and waiting to welcome new GPs.”

Linda Bunney, Head of Primary Care at NHS Dumfries and Galloway said: “We are hopeful that the event will be informative and provide us an opportunity to dispel myths that Wigtownshire is too rural and remote for the new generation of GPs. We are focusing on the community feel that Wigtownshire has. There can be a perception that we miss out on a lot in Dumfries and Galloway because of the geography of the region, however, particularly in recent times, we have been incredibly grateful for the fantastic coastline and abundance of stunning outdoor spaces to explore on our doorstep. With good travel links, fresh local produce, and the option of online deliveries available in our area, we miss out on nothing yet gain a more balanced lifestyle. We can have the best of many worlds here in our work and personal lives.

“We intend to showcase all of this with our virtual recruitment event. One unique aspect of the event is that prospective GPs will get to have peer-to-peer talks with GPs already working and living in the area. We are so looking forward to welcoming GPs to the event and hopefully eventually to work with us. We know what we have to offer as a region and are delighted at the opportunity to connect GPs from across the country with our practices in Wigtownshire.”