NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Duke of Cambridge hears how charitable funds have supported NHS

THE DUKE of Cambridge has been hearing how charitable funds have helped support the work of the NHS in the region during the pandemic.

In a telephone conversation, His Royal Highness Prince William also expressed an interest in learning how staff in Dumfries and Galloway have been coping with the added pressures resulting from COVID-19.

Chair of NHS Dumfries and Galloway and the Dumfries and Galloway Health Board Endowment Fund charity Mr Nick Morris was honoured to receive the telephone call last Tuesday, and spent time speaking about the role charitable contributions have played during the pandemic.

The Duke of Cambridge is a patron for NHS Charities Together which has developed a significant profile in support of NHS organisations over the period of the pandemic.

Through this organisation’s national fundraising appeal ‘Support the NHS’, the Dumfries and Galloway Health Board Endowment Fund charity has benefited from significant funding to assist on the endowment fund’s objective to support staff, volunteers and patients.

A spokesman for the Dumfries and Galloway Health Board Endowment Fund said: “During the conversation the Duke of Cambridge was interested to know how staff in Dumfries and Galloway were coping with the added pressures of the pandemic. He was very keen to hear how creatively we have used charity funds, generated by the public at both a national and local level.

“As an ambassador for mental health and wellbeing, the Duke of Cambridge noted the investment undertaken to support staff, volunteers and patients across the region and he understood from the description of the projects that had been funded how beneficial mental health and psychological support had been for staff facing such difficult times.”

Nick Morris said: “We were honoured to be contacted by the Duke of Cambridge and to hear his genuine concerns for the wellbeing of all our staff and the patients we serve.

“There was recognition of the work our Health Board and charity has undertaken throughout the pandemic.

“Undoubtedly, without the kind and generous donations from members of the public, and their support for the NHS – and the work of NHS Charities Together to enable grants to NHD Dumfries and Galloway in a very speedy manner – we would not have been able to provide such significant support.”

How the funding has been used

The following are a few examples of how the NHS Together and DGHBEF funding has been used in support of staff, volunteers and patients:

Mental Health First Aid training, promoting staff spiritual care and psychological support service

Provision of safe spaces, wobble rooms and extended dining facilities.

Purchase of screens, equipment and furniture

Provision of staff resilience and affirmation communication aids

Provision of food, refreshments and health and wellbeing packs

Provision of extended catering facilities in DGRI by way of internal and external furniture and marquee rental (including provision of heating and lighting)

Specific funding to support our BAME community – promoting the contribution of the BAME community to Health and Social Care.

Specific funding to support the mental health and wellbeing of unpaid carers in the community.

The provision of vital signs training and equipment to all care homes across Dumfries and Galloway.