NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Increase in COVID cases

An increase was recorded in the number of new COVID cases in the region last week.

In the week ending March 14 there were 32 new positive cases, up from 21 the week before.

A total of 117 new close contacts were identified and advised to self-isolate, up considerably on 68 in the previous week.

Across the week 3292 PCR COVID-19 tests were carried out, up from 3117.

The locally calculated positivity rate for Dumfries and Galloway is estimated at about 0.9%, up slightly from 0.8 per cent the previous week.

And as at 11/03/2021, the overall 7 day positivity rate is 19.5 per 100,000, whereas in the week ending 04/03/2021 it was 17.5.

There is evidence that people identified as close contacts of cases are developing COVID-19.

Social interactions have been the main route where transmission has been identified.