NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Fast progress as COVID booster and flu jags reaches people in their 60s

 WORK is now taking place to begin offering COVID booster and flu vaccinations to people aged 60 to 69 in Dumfries and Galloway. 

As at Wednesday November 10, a total of 24,758 booster jags have been provided to people aged 70 and over, representing 87.2 per cent of that population. 

Flu vaccine uptake has also been excellent, with 25,123 doses provided to people aged 70 and over, at 88.5 per cent. 

Immunisation Co-ordinator for Dumfries and Galloway Dr Calvert said: “It really is very important that everyone eligible to receive their COVID booster jag and their flu vaccination gives real thought to taking up the opportunity. 

“This is especially important when cases of COVID-19 are on the rise within the region, increasing the chances that you could be exposed to this virus. 

“We’ve seen the fantastic difference the vaccine programme has made in really reducing the worst effects of the coronavirus. 

“To give yourself the best protection against COVID-19, and the flu, please do take up the opportunity.” 

Vaccinations for people aged 60 to 69 are on track for completion at the start of December. 

At that point work will take place to vaccinate the only remaining groups – those aged 50 to 59, unpaid Carers, and people aged 16-plus who are a household contact of someone who is immune suppressed. 

A national online portal for those people in these remaining groups to register for their vaccinations will go live shortly. Spaces will become available as the 60 to 69 group is completed, and more information for those following groups on how to register will be made available shortly. 

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