NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Lochmaben Hospital Outbreak

Lochmaben Hospital is currently closed to visiting and transfers. The decision to close from Friday last week was taken following the detection of a small number of cases that has unfortunately increased with the results of rapid testing of patients and staff over the weekend. 3 positive cases of COVID confirmed on Friday 12th November increased to 7 on Monday 15th November across patients and staff at the hospital.

Staff from local Infection Control, Test and Protect, Occupational Health and Public Health teams are working closely with Lochmaben Hospital to keep patients and their own staff safe and to prevent further transmission of the virus. This comes as cases continue to rise across the region in all localities: Nithsdale, Annandale and Eskdale, Stewartry and Wigtownshire. A reminder is issued of the importance of following the current guidance to prevent and minimise spread of the virus; hand hygiene, wearing face coverings in public settings and considering social interactions and how and where they take place.

It is also vital that anyone who believes they may be experiencing symptoms of COVID immediately self-isolates, arranges to have a COVID test, and continues to self-isolate until results are received. For full information on access to testing, please visit www.nhsdg.co.uk/testing/

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