NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Sharp fall in COVID-19 cases – as vaccination call continues

A SHARP decline has been recorded in the region’s COVID-19 cases – standing at 1413 in the week ending Sunday 16 January compared to 2906 the week before.
Although the decline accompanies a national decrease in cases driven by the Omicron variant, a warning is being issued of the continuing risk of COVID to health and to disrupt businesses and essential services.
Director of Public Health Valerie White said: “After two weeks of nearly 3000 new cases a week, this decrease to 1413 is welcome – but we can’t risk complacency.
“These are still extremely high numbers of cases, and each case represents a risk to the health of that infected person, and the risk of onward spread to other people, including those who might be more vulnerable.
“So please, do look to get fully vaccinated against COVID-19. For an adult in Scotland aged 18 years and four months, being fully vaccinated means having received three COVID vaccinations.
“A fantastic 87 per cent of all eligible over 18s in the region have now had three jags, but we want everyone to consider becoming fully vaccinated, and are still pushing for everyone eligible between 12 and 17 to attend a drop-in clinic for their second jag.
“A guide to your vaccination journey can now be found at the website www.nhsdg.co.uk/vaccines along with details on how to book vaccinations and a full list of drop-in clinics which are running daily across our region.”
People are continuing to be asked to test very regularly for COVID using Lateral Flow kits, to log the results, and to immediately self-isolate in the case of a positive result.
Valerie White said: “There is hope to be taken from the national and local decline in case numbers, but what will get us to a better place quicker and more safely is continuing to apply the measures that help prevent COVID from spreading.
“In an indoor public space, please continue to wear a face covering. Hand washing is important, as is considering our interactions.
“Do please keep testing, and most importantly if you aren’t yet fully vaccinated please do give consideration to this and find out how by visiting www.nhsdg.co.uk/vaccines “
Upcoming vaccination drop-in sessions are as follows:
Annan Charles Street Thursday 20/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Moffat Hospital Thursday 20/01/2022 09:15-15:30
Mountainhall Vaccination Centre, Dumfries Thursday 20/01/2022 9:15-20:00
Thornhill Rehab Suite Thursday 20/01/2022 09:15 – 16:30
Newton Stewart Hospital Thursday 20/01/2022 09:15-15:30
Kirkcudbright Hospital Thursday 20/01/2022 9:15-16:00
Mountainhall Vaccination Centre, Dumfries Friday 21/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Annan Charles Street Friday 21/01/2022 9:15-20:00
Canonbie Village Hall Friday 21/01/2022 09:15-15:30
Waverley Medical Centre, Stranraer Friday 21/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Castle Douglas Town Hall Friday 21/01/2022 9:15-20:00
Mountainhall Vaccination Centre, Dumfries Saturday 22/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Annan Charles Street Saturday 22/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Moffat Hospital Saturday 22/01/2022 09:15-15:30
Waverley Medical Centre, Stranraer Saturday 22/01/2022 9:15-16:00
Castle Douglas Town Hall Saturday 22/01/2022 9:15-16:00
Mountainhall Vaccination Centre, Dumfries Sunday 23/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Sanquhar Community Centre Sunday 23/01/2022 09:15-15:30
Annan Charles Street Sunday 23/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Castle Douglas Town Hall Sunday 23/01/2022 9:15-16:00
Newton Stewart Hospital Sunday 23/01/2022 09:15-15:30
Waverley Medical Centre, Stranraer Monday 24/01/2022 9:15-16:00
Newton Stewart Hospital Monday 24/01/2022 09:15-15:30
Kirkcudbright Hospital Monday 24/01/2022 9:15-16:00
Annan Charles Street Monday 24/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Langholm, Buccleuch Centre Monday 24/01/2022 09:15-15:30
Mountainhall Vaccination Centre, Dumfries Monday 24/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Thornhill Rehab Suite Monday 24/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Waverley Medical Centre, Stranraer Tuesday 25/01/2022 9:15-16:00
Kirkcudbright Hospital Tuesday 25/01/2022 9:15-16:00
Annan Charles Street Tuesday 25/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Mountainhall Vaccination Centre, Dumfries Tuesday 25/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Newton Stewart Hospital Wednesday26/01/2022 09:15-15:30
CatStrand New Galloway Wednesday 26/01/2022 9:15-1530
Annan Charles Street Wednesday 26/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Mountainhall Vaccination Centre, Dumfries Wednesday 26/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Sanquhar Community Centre Wednesday 26/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Newton Stewart Hospital Thursday 27/01/2022 09:15-15:30
Kirkcudbright Hospital Thursday 27/01/2022 9:15-16:00
Annan Charles Street Thursday 27/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Moffat Hospital Thursday 27/01/2022 09:15-15:30
Mountainhall Vaccination Centre, Dumfries Thursday 27/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Thornhill Rehab Suite Thursday 27/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Waverley Medical Centre, Stranraer Friday 28/01/2022 9:15-16:00
Castle Douglas Town Hall Friday 28/01/2022 9:15-16:00
Annan Charles Street Friday 28/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Canonbie Village Hall Friday 28/01/2022 09:15-15:30
Mountainhall Vaccination Centre, Dumfries Friday 28/01/2022 9:15-16:30
Drop-ins may require queuing, and with vaccinations as vaccine supplies allow. People are advised to dress warmly.
Book your booster now using the national portal https://vacs.nhs.scot/csp, or by calling the free number 0800 030 8013.
The local helpline can handle a limited number of enquiries for anyone experiencing problems with the national system – calling 01387 403090 or emailing dg.covidenequiries@nhs.scot

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