NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Statement on lockdown

Statement on lockdown from NHS Dumfries and Galloway Chief Executive Jeff Ace

“The Scottish Government has made clear today that, in Scotland, existing lockdown arrangements will continue to apply. Any minor easing of restrictions will only be introduced when supported by evidence of reduced community transmission of COVID-19.

“It is worth reiterating that we remain in a very precarious situation. We are faced with a highly infectious virus that will cause serious illness in a significant proportion of those infected for which we have very limited treatments. COVID-19 has a high mortality rate, particularly among older adults or those with co-morbidities. At the moment, it is estimated that only a very small percentage of the population has been exposed to the virus and that the vast majority of us have no acquired immunity.

“In this context, it remains essential that we follow Scottish Government’s guidance on:

· staying at home whenever possible

· maintaining effective social distancing when in the workplace, shopping or exercising

· practising good hand hygiene

“If we do this, we will save lives; lives of our colleagues, friends, neighbours and families.

“A huge thanks for everyone’s efforts so far. Everyone in Dumfries and Galloway can feel proud of how we have responded, and continue to respond, to the challenges of COVID-19. There is, however, a long way to go yet.”