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NHS Dumfries & Galloway AHP Newsletter October 2022

Welcome to the NHS Dumfries & Galloway AHP Newsletter.  This newsletter will highlight jobs of the month within our Health Board, as well as exciting news stories that’s been happening within our Allied Health Professions but particularly the creation of our new HOME TEAMS service and the positive impact it is having on our patients, staff and the way we work.

If you can not see a job that suits then please do contact us.

Our newly qualified gets a Flying Start

Laura started the NMAHP Flying Start programme at my previous job within NHS Ayrshire and Arran, where newly qualified practitioners (NQP) within the Allied Health Professions (AHPs) are encouraged to complete the programme to aid the transition from student/graduate to working as a fully qualified healthcare professional. I then started my new job at DGRI, NHS Dumfries and Galloway, where I completed my final unit and then became a Flying Start Facilitator, mentoring a NQP through the programme.

Completing the programme was very useful with regards to continuing professional development. It allowed me time to reflect on my clinical practice which I otherwise would not have been able to do; this in turn allowed me to feel less overwhelmed as well as allowing me to provide the best possible person-centred care to service user

Flying Start has allowed me to encourage the facilitation of learning in the workplace with regards to colleagues and students as well as the NQP I had mentored through the


Congratulations to Courtney Scott, Nikki Sacuta and Julie Baldotto members of our OT Team who undertook The Certified Disability Management Professional (CDMP) NDMAR training course.  All 3 successfully passed their exams in May of this year after attending 10 modules online over 9 months.

The NDMAR programme is an internationally recognised organisation that is focused on Disability Management, Return to work and job retention

Pictures are Courtney and Nikki collecting their certificates.  Unfortunately Julie was unable to attend.

AHP Career Fellowship

Lisa was successful in applying for a NES AHP Career Fellowship commencing in early 2021.This is open to AHP staff of any banding and involved funding from NES to allow up to 2 days per week to work on a quality improvement project as well as self development over the 4 pillars of practice. The Fellowship ensured protected time for my development as well as scheduled sessions with NES and peer support from AHP’s across Scotland who were also participating in the Fellowship. Lisa completed my project over a 10 month period.

NES organised a number of sessions with topics such as reflection and evaluation, leadership, qualitative data to help fellows throughout the process. There was also the support of other fellows within the cohort and a local mentor to help talk through ideas, discuss alternative options and offer support along the way.

The project allowed Lisa the time to properly plan, test, evaluate and implement my project which has now become standard practice within our service. This offers choice to patients and has enabled more patients to undertake their rehab who would previously have declined input for a variety of reasons. The Fellowship runs annually and I would recommend the experience to anyone who has an idea for improving services to explore this opportunity.


Scottish Government Modernising Patient Pathways Programme

Ailsa complete a 9-month project funded by the Scottish Government Modernising Patient Pathways Programme working with the Integrated Respiratory Team at DGRI. The Project Practitioner post was introduced to support the pilot of a new APP designed to support patients with COPD to self manage their condition online.  Ailsa`s role included sourcing patients who met the criteria for the trial, on-boarding them onto the online service, supporting patients to use the service well and managing any technical issues.

This service was trialled in NHS Dumfries and Galloway and NHS Highland as the initial test sites.

Here in D&G we have had a more successful outcome. Whist not without problems of our own, we were able to show patient’s confidence in their ability to self manage was improved therefore the Integrated Respiratory Team continue to offer this service as part of their MDT approach to long term COPD management.

Ailsa has an interest in respiratory physiotherapy and found this secondment a fantastic opportunity to be a part of.   

Work, Live, Play in D&G

Where is Dumfries and Galloway?

We are located in South West Scotland, a great central location between Scotland & England allowing easy travel north and south, in just a few hours you can be in a major city.

The region is home to approximately 150,000 and provides an amazing work-life balance for people at any stage of their career, with excellent education options and great house prices, on average 55% cheaper compared to cities in Scotland. If you love the outdoors, we have incredible scenery, beaches and loads of activities to enjoy in your free time. There is also a growing festival scene in D&G bringing the community together with something to offer everyone.

For information on NHS Dumfries & Galloway, including details of our facilities and beautiful surrondings, check out our Work, Live, Play digital Brochure below…

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